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Micro-location marketing – the secret is in the software

It's been a hectic, yet fantastic few months at BrightDoor. Since announcing our Beamly micro-location technology as the centerpiece of BrightDoor Mobile 2.0 (coming later this summer), we were nominated (and attended) the Realogy FWD Innovation [...]

Anatomy of a Great Landing Page – Part II

Setting Up a Smooth, Converting Landing Page In Part I of this article, we explained the value of marketing campaigns built around landing pages. So if we successfully piqued your interest in approaching landing [...]

Anatomy of a Great Landing Page – Part I

A 60-Second Primer on Landing Pages If you're not already using landing pages for lead-generation campaigns, odds are good that you soon will be. After all, they're becoming an ever-more-common (and popular) tool for [...]