Why real estate leaders trust BrightDoor

With BrightDoor, we’re able to got to a single location with a vendor and retain a tremendous amount of information. It’s totally intertwined in everything we do. Plus, the financial structure is favorable. There’s no big upfront expenditure, and that’s important.

Ed Horne, Co-Developer, Santa Rita Ranch

BrightDoor allows us to create an effective leasing experience for a multitude of our locations within a market…when parents and students have viewed what we have to offer on our BrightDoor kiosk, they have an accurate representation of the range of high-quality, modern accommodations available to them.

Ryan Hurst, Senior Director of Leasing & Marketing, American Campus Communities

BrightDoor versus the Other Guys: Head-to-Head

When you’re ready to take the next step in your digital sales and marketing, put us (and every other solution) to the test.

 BrightDoorThe Other Guys
Centered around how real estate is marketed and sold
Plays nice with your other software and systems
Lets you manage your own content (products, apps, marketing, etc.)
Gives you valuable, real-time data reporting on lead progress
Tracks lead activity across all marketing channels (online, onsite, mobile)
Seamlessly integrates CRM, kiosk and mobile applications
Offers built-in registration for mobile and onsite lead capture
Presents a consistent brand, story and visuals across any platform/device
Creates urgency and action through mobile ads & push notifications
Leverages beacons and geofencing to enhance on-property tours 
Offers built-in marketing tools (custom maps, landing pages, email integrations)
All-inclusive customer support offers lower total cost of ownership

Imagine your BrightDoor. Or, better yet, see it for yourself.

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When it comes to getting started with BrightDoor, we take care of everything. A Customer Success Manager guides you through every step of the publishing process. For Kiosk and Mobile apps, we take your brand standards and marketing-ready content and incorporate it into our software. For CRM subscribers, we configure your instance to match your tracking requirements and workflows, while importing any existing information (contacts, products, other). For clients with hardware requirements, we turnkey the entire process – from procurement/shipping of touchscreens and support gear to onsite installation and training.  Our goal is to make the process quick and painless.

Depending on which application (or applications) you’re subscribing to, it can vary. For CRM (BrightDoor Central) clients, your software can be ready for use with a matter of a few days (depending on any data import requirements). BrightDoor Mobile and Kiosk apps can be published and ready for use within 3-4 weeks (for standard themes) and 4-6 weeks (for custom themes). In most cases, client submittal of content tends to be the major factor in how quickly we can publish your apps.

Absolutely! While we do suggest that you get a preview of our CRM offering, we understand that you may have already invested in another solution and are simply looking to add our interactive apps. In that scenario, BrightDoor can automatically sync lead information (registrations, app tracking, etc) with many existing CRM solutions. Check with the BrightDoor sales team for more details.

We highly recommend it! The BrightDoor API (application programming interface) provides a series of web methods to send and receive information in concert with your website. Some common integrations include automated contact generation (from lead form submissions), listings display, interactive maps and more. Your BrightDoor Customer Success Manager will work with you and your marketing team to integrate your website and BrightDoor.

As a unified solution, the BrightDoor bundle of CRM, Kiosk and Mobile apps offer a high degree of sales/marketing efficiency and empowers you to deliver consistent, engaging sales communication. But, we understand that in many cases you may already have one or more of these boxes checked. If that’s the case, we’re more than happy to sell you a subscription to any individual app. We’ll also go the extra mile to ensure whichever app you choose is meaningfully integrated into your existing software tools and platforms.

We encourage this! With many other solutions, your only option is to go back to them for content changes (where they often charge exorbitant fees for updates). At BrightDoor, we provide comprehensive training and give you the “keys to drive”. This way, updates can happen on your schedule and at no additional cost. And, should you need us, we’re always here to support you.

BrightDoor Kiosk is a modern cloud application that goes wherever you need it to. It’s perfectly at home on large touch displays as well as “all-in-one” touch PCs (e.g. Windows Surface tablets and HP TouchSmart PCs to name a few). It also works on iPads for smaller, more intimate “on-the-go” presentation. You’ll be happy to know that there is no additional charge to run the app on additional devices (in the Premier Edition).

As a cloud application, this is a breeze. If you are a BrightDoor Kiosk “Premier” subscriber, you can create as many unique versions of your BrightDoor Kiosk app to address unique sales/marketing scenarios (as a self-service marketing kiosk, for sales presentation, for digital signage, etc). For other subscribers, creating additional versions of the app can be done for an additional fee. Contact the BrightDoor sales team for details.

As part of your subscription, BrightDoor hosts your software. We ensure your software and data stays secure while providing 99.9%+ uptime reliability and daily/weekly data backups.

Yes! BrightDoor Mobile is available as a dedicated app in the Apple and Google Play stores. For Apple iOS devices, the app is “universal” – meaning there is a unique, dedicated version for iPad and iPhone. And, remember, this is your branded app in the stores. So, the app listing will be your brand and your information (not BrightDoor).