Want your sales team to actually use your CRM?

By |May 22nd, 2018|

Steve Rogers, a renowned industrial designer at technology giant Philips Electronics, once opined that “designing a product is designing a relationship.”

We couldn’t agree more.

In fact, that fundamental truth formed the underpinning of our 2018 edition of BrightDoor Central, which we launched on May 23rd. Our goal was to enhance the relationship between Central and users like you; we knew if we accomplished that goal, after all, we’d simultaneously be helping you improve relationships with your own customers. (And at its core, isn’t that what CRM software should really be all about?)

BrightDoor Central 2018 EditionOur “biggies” with this newest release of Central were to unify core features on our mobile and desktop platforms, provide an even easier-to-use experience, and give the interface a bit of a facelift. Along the way, we took the opportunity to streamline and improve the workflow of Central’s most popular features, including activity, contact and product management. We also worked hard to refine the new Content & Apps area (tools formerly housed under the Apps tab).

So those are the headlines — the “what” and the “why.” For the “how,” here’s the question we posed to ourselves in updating Central: What features really matter in the adoption and effective use of CRM in residential real estate?

First and foremost, we think that when you strip away all the bells and whistles that seem cool in a demo but irrelevant in actual practice, it’s primarily about having all the critical buyer information at your fingertips so you can quickly drive your sales communication based on that data. Second, having all of your tasks organized so you can efficiently address them gives your agents more time to build new relationships. So those two core CRM functions steered our design/development focus of the new BrightDoor Central. Four other dynamics also played a key role:


We were determined to ensure that key features and functions remained in a familiar place; we didn’t want to inadvertently “pull the digital rug out” from under current users and force wholesale retraining. Instead, we wanted to greatly improve the user interface without compromising the investment you’ve already put into making Central a daily habit.


We know that a majority of Central users are working with activities and contacts on a daily (even hourly) basis, so we improved the activities section to help you focus on the tasks at hand. The new activity manager lets you stay in a single view and work through multiple tasks more quickly.

BrightDoor Central Activity Manager

Central’s new activity manager view

When it comes to contacts, the layout of the contact record has been completely overhauled to place the most important information up front. And the header area now alerts you if the contact has any BrightDoor app interactions, providing a “virtual heads up” which we think will be especially welcomed by busy, time-strapped users.

BrightDoor Central Contact Details Record

Key contact information and sales interactions are brought into focus


With the 2018 edition of Central, we’ve brought all of its key features to the mobile version. You just log in to your BrightDoor Central account on your phone, and you’ll have access to everything you need to work on the go. (The old mobile edition has been officially retired.)BrightDoor Central for Mobile

Future-Forward Orientation

If Central’s your ‘hub,’ you’ve got lots of options for ‘spokes,’ starting with BrightDoor Kiosk and BrightDoor Mobile. Both apps provide out-of-the-box data sharing and tracking to manage and monitor lead interests. Down the line, we plan to introduce additional features to extend Central’s ability to capture more lead information from your customers’ online interactions.

In the age of AI and Big Data, access to important sales insights is critical from the agent level all the way up to the CEO’s desk. It’s trite but true: Information is power.

Yet if that information is lost or obscured in a tangled mess of confusing software interfaces and convoluted workflows, it’s all for naught. With the 2018 release of BrightDoor Central, we feel we’ve maintained that delicate balance of being easy-to-use yet powerful for both management and marketers.

As we move forward, this new release will provide a foundation for new features and capabilities that we think you’ll really like. Meanwhile, we’d welcome your feedback on this new release of Central: Simply select the “Feedback” link within Central to tell us what you think. Your input is both appreciated and valued, and could make an important contributing to upcoming features and refinements.

Thanks for choosing to enhance your client relationships with BrightDoor Central. And for giving us an opportunity to enhance our relationship with you.