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From Master Planned Community and Multi-Family Developers to Homebuilders and Brokerages, BrightDoor is proud to be the preferred sales and marketing software partner for some of real estate’s best and brightest.

Master Planned Communities

Leading developers rely on BrightDoor because it helps them organize and optimize business development. So there’s no more dropped opportunities, no more inconsistent messaging across time, site or agent. Instead, BrightDoor offers you an easy way to unify your sales and marketing program, all while multiplying their effectiveness.

Reach prospects in new ways (including kiosks and mobile devices) and maximize value from every touch point

Brand Building
Advance your brand and reinforce your reputation, all while promoting “the place” and not just “the properties”

Rich Data
Sync data across and within your communities, and then evolve marketing programs based on timely analytics

Multi-Family and Student Housing

Choosing a new residence can be overwhelming. There are more options than ever before to filter through, and today’s renters are used to finding and seeking in a push, pinch and swipe world. To be in the game with “digital natives,” in particular, you’ve got to be where they are – and command their attention while you’re there.

Keep your brand and inventory in front of mobile-first customers and Wow! them room-to-room through beacon-enabled property tours

Bring floor plans, photo galleries, video tours and amenity spotlights to life through our engaging touchscreen kiosk app

Rely on an easy-to-use, yet powerful system for lead routing, online marketing and comprehensive content management

Want to learn more? Download our datasheets on BrightDoor for Apartment Communities and Student Housing to get the details.


For homebuilders, BrightDoor’s the best of both worlds. It fits what builders always need: A way to do more with less, but still stand out from the crowd. And it fits what homebuyers always want: A fun, memorable way to gather important information that helps them distinguish one new neighborhood and home from another.

Leverage extra value out of all your existing marketing assets – photo galleries, videos, floor plans, maps and more

Distinguish your inventory from competitors by creating a truly engaging, unique on-site buyer experience

Capture walk-in leads naturally through interactive content that prompts dynamic, productive agent-buyer conversations


If you run a high-performance brokerage office, you likely have a “good problem” on your hands–managing brisk sales across multiple agents and properties. Plus, there’s the perpetual challenge of keeping a fresh “Wow!” in front of prospective buyers at all times. Thankfully, BrightDoor can help you meet both challenges.

Know how all your deals are progressing and how to nudge them along through an intuitive CRM and content-management tool

Integrate product listings, lead forms and more with your brokerage website through the BrightDoor Central API

Bring your inventory to life through interactive, onsite kiosks and a dedicated mobile app featuring your listings, agents and more

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