Creating Better Homebuyer Engagement at Your Sales Models

By |January 19th, 2017|

Finding the next place to call home can often be a trying and stressful process. Constantly asking the questions of “Will this work for my budget?”, “How will my commute to work change?” and “What’s in the area to do?”. For those attempting to sell or lease these properties the anxieties that a client carries can often result in the failure to secure a contract and the loss of a potential sale due to the inability to fully highlight what ALL is included with the property they are interested in. Sometimes an agent can become fixated on highlighting the amenities such as a community pool, or gushing on about the recently renovated kitchen. They fail to mention that the property is only a few miles from a great shopping center with the area’s best restaurants, or that the hospital and the counties best middle school is right down the street. These might not be the deciding factor in a buyer signing, but they certainly add value when deciding between multiple options.

We then ask the question how can an agent show a property with all the lifestyle attributes in their entirety in only a short period? There are many ways to achieve this, yet it takes strategy, patience, and an innovate approach to leverage current technologies that afford the ability to give a full prospectus on the property and the lifestyle that comes with living there. So, how can we maximize buying potential?




Thanks to technology we’re able to mine copious amounts of data from prospective buyers by using technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more to get an idea of who that buyer is, what do they do, and what do they want. Sometimes this can ebb on the side of creepiness, yet in our modern age the information that is widely available through different sources is constantly researched and vetted for when you apply for a job or loan, appear in court, and even when looking to buy a home. Storing this information into a system such as a CRM or any type of data base creates a profile of a buyer that is invaluable when interacting with them through the sales process by adding a personal touch and laying the foundation for which an agent/buyer relationship can be formed.  


Let’s face it everyone is busy! As an agent or broker you have hundreds of clients you are dealing with daily that want to know everything about the property and or home they are buying. Showings and making calls are just the beginning. With contracts, inspection reports and other legal processes being unique to each buyer, the task of keeping up contact but also staying organized for each buyer becomes a herculean performance of time management. How we manage that time and the resources we use becomes lifesavers to our business and sales process. Implementing CRM systems to manage all of this becomes a no brainer to stay on top of all your client’s activity and keeping an organized to-do list of priorities for any given day or week. Also, using more advanced technologies such as interactive displays and touch screens keeps the stacks of paper and documentation to a minimum and allows for an agent to show points of interest in a quicker and more precise way that saves from time spent in a car driving to different properties that turn out to be of no interest or shuffling through a flipbook of images that doesn’t really speak to the beauty and feasibility of a home.  


Separating yourself from the crowd is fundamental to any business. Even if their products and their price points are identical to their competitor, what ultimately wins you the deal are those little variables that make you unique and memorable. Maybe it’s the demeanor of the sales agent and their knowledge and kindness through the buying process or even the preexisting relationship they might have with one another. But all things being equal, the presentation and professionalism are takeaways buyers find endearing and that little extra that create a sense of comfortability when finally agreeing to sign on the dotted line. Creating that is easier said than done. One way to accomplish this presentation hurdle is becoming an early adopter of new technologies to leverage. Having branded and aesthetically appealing content on the internet has become the norm for most in real estate but adding to that has become a necessary part to separating from the rest of the pack. Personally branded mobile apps that buyers can access on the go is one way to differentiate from competition and reach out more frequently to prospects. Using these options allows for greater opportunities to interact with buyers as well as providing another opportunity to see listings in an interactive and fun way. Other features that offer a differentiation from competition are the deployment of interactive touch screen kiosk. Whether these are being used in high traffic areas such as a shopping center or being used on-site in a sales office or model home, the interaction that buyers have gives them a fun and insightful experience that shows off all the features of a listing that engages like no static display or piece of paper ever could.




Achieving these 3 objectives for a sales agent is not easy, yet it is certainly possible. Using your skills and knowledge of the industry are key to any sales, however by adding a creative and innovative element to your process make for greater sales potential and foster a spirit of ingenuity and inventiveness that will surely be engaging and memorable to any buyer that steps through your door.