Micro-location marketing – the secret is in the software

By |August 10th, 2014|

It’s been a hectic, yet fantastic few months at BrightDoor. Since announcing our Beamly micro-location technology as the centerpiece of BrightDoor Mobile 2.0 (coming later this summer), we were nominated (and attended) the Realogy FWD Innovation Summit and just learned we’re a finalist in the Inman Innovator Awards for Most Innovative Real Estate App, Tool or Vendor. See you all in San Francisco next month for that. 🙂

One question that repeatedly comes up as people want to learn more about Beamly revolves around the actual beacon hardware and where the “intelligence” of micro-location marketing is rooted. The reality is the actual beacon hardware that is placed in the physical sales environment is simply a low-powered, one-way RF transmitter that acts as an identifier. The “smarts” is in the Beamly software and how we are allowing real estate professionals to create and publish the marketing content and engagement that appears when a mobile buyer is within close proximity of the beacon. This illustration provides a simple example of how Beamly works.

How Beamly Beacons Work

The beacon hardware is quickly becoming a commodity product with manufacturers rushing in to address the demand for micro-location solutions. Our focus is on delivering mobile solutions for the real estate professional and the homebuyer – solutions that connect, inform and promote (delivering a more meaningful sales experience). If you plan to attend Real Estate Connect SF next month, please stop by the Beamly kiosk for more information. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on how to make this exciting new technology relevant and meaningful for you.