BrightDoor Central: Managing contacts is just the beginning

BrightDoor Central is the industry’s only all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing system that delivers much more than typical lead management (at a price much less than you’d ever imagine). Thanks to BrightDoor Central, you can:

  • Gain huge efficiencies by using a single tool to manage leads, product inventory, marketing content, analytics/dashboards and reporting.
  • Summon your inner marketing ninja! Launch drip marketing campaigns with our Mailchimp integration. Create custom landing pages for your online ad campaigns. Publish the latest content for your BrightDoor Mobile and Kiosk apps.
  • Know exactly what’s happening – minute by minute – across all your sales agents and all your marketing tools.

BrightDoor Kiosk: Capture and present in whole new way

With BrightDoor Kiosk, you can transform an otherwise ordinary discovery center, model home or leasing gallery visit into a engaging, interactive sales experience:

  • Make an immediate – and long-lasting – impression on buyers and renters through dynamic conversations about your offering (homes, plans, amenities) delivered through interactive touch kiosks
  • Communicate consistent marketing across agents, sites and time
  • Capture valuable registration data at key touchpoints

Included with a subscription to BrightDoor Complete Edition, let BrightDoor Kiosk reinvent how you connect with, and engage your on-property prospects.

BrightDoor Mobile: Engage with buyers on the go

Maybe it’s no big surprise that there’s now more Internet use on mobile devices than on traditional computers. What may surprise you, though, is just how much you can do with BrightDoor Mobile:

  • Promote urgency by alerting prospects to inventory updates through push notifications
  • Avoid having to completely redesign your website into a new mobile-friendly (or “responsive”) format
  • Use advanced location-marketing features to both promote amenities and specific property features
  • Enable prospects to save their favorites (listings, plans, etc.) on their mobile devices, ensuring your connection with them continues everywhere

Included with a subscription to BrightDoor Mobile Edition, use the power of mobile and location-based marketing to connect with, and stay engaged with customers throughout the sales process.

BrightDoor Demo: Be amazed firsthand

Whether used as a single solution or in combination, you’ll find BrightDoor to be a singularly indispensable arrow in your proverbial sales and marketing quiver. Give it a shot today.

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