The Simple Mission: Use Smarter Marketing to Drive Bigger Sales

BrightDoor began a decade ago through this single observation: Real estate pros weren’t using the same kind of advanced technologies that were optimizing sales and marketing in practically every other setting. And we quickly discovered why. Nothing truly fit the way real estate is bought and sold, and solutions jerry-rigged in from other industries were far too cumbersome, confusing and costly.

So we set out to simultaneously empower both sellers (by making their communication with prospects more responsive, consistent and engaging) and buyers/renters (by giving them access to more timely, personal and relevant information). The end result is the BrightDoor system, which helps single/multifamily developers, homebuilders and new home brokerages make their sales more effective, more efficient and more profitable than ever before.

The Past Unwraps the Present

BrightDoor was founded by Deven Spear and Michael Worthington, two entrepreneurs with a successful history in database-driven sales systems, customer experience management and Real Estate sales and marketing. Our basic premise – that with superior technology tools in their hands that were tailored made for the way they sell, real estate sales and marketing professionals could reach untold potential – continues to shape every innovation we bring to the market.

Today, the company is under the leadership of CEO Michael Worthington LinkedIn Profile and Vice President Kimberly Luksic LinkedIn Profile, who manage BrightDoor from its headquarters just outside Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The company also operates a client service office in Costa Mesa, California, to provide counsel and support to west coast-based clients.


Let’s say you have a passion for real estate. Or for technology and productivity. Or for cool marketing. Regardless of where you’re coming from, you might just find this the perfect workplace to come home to. Here’s how we’re expanding the BrightDoor team right now:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Software Developer
  • Sr. Software Developer
  • Mobile Software Developer
  • Software Implementation Manager

If you’ve poked around this website and like what you see, we’d love to hear from you. For questions or to submit your resume, just email us today at